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Independent Living

Cowra Retirement Village offers affordable independent living units (ILU) for people over 55 years, where residents can enjoy retirement living in a rural setting while retaining their independence.

Independent Living offers long-term stability, security and a real sense of community. The social atmosphere of our villages is formed on strong friendships that develop between residents, creating a supportive, community-based lifestyle.

Residents must be in reasonably good health, not require full time nursing attention and be able to care for themselves. A Doctor's certificate is required as part of the Independent Living application process.


The waiting time for a unit will depend on a number of factors, including vacancies, the position of other people already on the waiting list and their availability to take up opportunities at the time of offer. There is no cost to be placed on the waiting list for a particular unit.


Maintenance is performed by our Maintenance Team including lawns.


For more information on our Independent Living pricing structure, please click the link below. 

Please also click on the links to each individual unit type for more specific information.

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